An Amazigh island culture

Without ruling out the possibility of some previous exploration, the arrival of the first continental Amazighs to the islands seems to have taken place after the beginning of the Christian era, i.e., roughly 2,000 years ago. Their wish to settle permanently is clear, since, in addition to including individuals of both sexes, they also brought plants and domestic animals with them. We do not know anything about the exact way in which the colonisation occurred. The only thing we know for sure is that, from a certain moment in time, the continental Amazighs became islanders, giving rise to a series of unique island cultures.

Without completely losing their continental African roots, these roots gradually became characteristic of an island and oceanic people. This is where the historical and cultural exceptionality of these Canarian-Amazigh populations lies, stranded like their islands off the coast of Atlantic Africa.

One of the most eloquent manifestations of the landscapes that were built, conceived and experienced by the Canarian-Amazighs, is that of the sacred mountain areas. Here, there are especially sophisticated forms of a symbolic nature, where Man goes hand in hand with an idolised Nature to relate perception and action, the ideal and the material, the sacred and the profane.